I opened three (3) trouble tickets in the last 20 days as I have not been able to call any tollfree number for a while. So far, all I get is a the standard answer that my problem should be fix in 48-72 hours, but after 20 days nothing.

I got an email today that stated my problem is probably related/caused by a dispute between NetTalk and IrisTel. I am invited to call "tollfree" (As if I could...!) IrisTel to attempt to port my phone number to a third party provider (at this time unknown provider). As a side note, 2 years ago, NetTalk had a similar problem with their Canadian provider at that time, and every customers had to change their phone number. Needless to say, not a fun experience...!

Apparently I may be faced, one more time, with changing my phone number. If I cannot port my number and ultimately be faced with changing my phone number, then this is the end of NetTalk for me.

Yes NetTalk is cheap and when it works it is not bad, but when the system breaks you are on your own. This American company doesn't care about Canadian customers.

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss poor customer service of nettalk duo. Nettalk needs to read this review and look into the issue (if any) according to poster's claims.

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Have tried to contact both companies and, keep getting the blame game- ultimatly the CRTC should step in and protect consumers and 'unfreeze' our phone numbers.... Its amazing how NetTalk gets away with this- seems they did not pay IrisTel for 2 years of service.

so I will be moving away from NetTalk unless they can fix within 1 week.

I guess in the end you get what you pay for. that said 75,000 NetTalk customers inn Canada should band together and sue.

Belleville, Ontario, Canada #1096630

I think all of us Canadians should file a class action lawsuit against both iristel and nettalk and bankrupt both companies.

This is just real *** business relations from both companies.

I have also been reading that these two companies are also in a lawsuit in the US and they both have the same CEO which could be a real signal that this lawsuit is needed to tach both of these companies a lesson.

I have not been able to receive incoming calls now for 3 days and my outside calls are being effected even though they say it should have an effect.

If anyone wants to jump on a lawsuit with me please email me at spddmn1973@hotmail.com

Thanks, Shawn


I received the same email from NetTALK.

For me it is ...... Bye Bye NetTalk !!!!!

But I feel LUCKY since

1) My annual contract ends in March 2016, so I won't loose much.

2) This is not my main phone number.

Otherwise, I would be in deep s...

Who needs this *** ???? My deepest sympathy to everyone in Canada who relies on NetTALK.


Something for me... OOMA will be the solution for me!


Yep, got an email from Nettalk. I recently renewed, January 2016.

I don't need this headache. I hope i can get a refund.

to Anonymous #1096327

I meant, January 2017

to Anonymous #1098186

Come on lawyers, get on board for a class action.

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