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Update by user May 07, 2016

As of May 7, 2016, I'm being told it was my fault and that they would help me get my phones working. Empty promises I simply cant afford more time or money to see what might or might not be done.

When I asked for the corporate headquarters' phone number I was given the customer service number.

When I challenged them about the incorrect number, they told me they did not have access to such a number.

Why on earth would they give me the customer service number knowing it was not correct.

Again, this is the level of ethics this company delivers. Please take my and many others advice, STAY AWAY from Nettalk.

Original review posted by user Apr 07, 2016

On March 21st, I started the process to switch over two active phones to Nettalkconnect. But, before this date the trouble started to happen. I reviewed the website to get more information about the service. Convinced I was going to make the switch, I looked at the guide they provided to select the correct sim cards. Based on the information they posted, I purchased one nano sim and one micro sim. Fast forward to the 21st now. Upon opening up my phone, it was then I noticed it required a nano sim and not the micro sim as recommended by Nettalkconnect. Yes the LG V10 clearly takes a nano sim.

I then focused on my wife's phone and went through the activation. All seemed well with her phone up to this point. So, I contacted support to talk about the incorrect micro sim, I was met with frustration and extreme disappointment. I had to first prove to the service rep I got the information from their website. Next, I was asked to trim down the micro card to fit the nano slot. At this point I didn't have much to lose and took their advice. Unfortunately this process did not work. However, I activated both accounts in the process. So, one phone has correct sim card and the other has a frankensteined card that does not work but my time has started.

After multiple attempts to contact customer service, at least daily, to correct my situation. Every day I had to prove to each service rep about their website providing the wrong information as to what size sim card they suggested my phone take. I heard everything from "no, we don't have bad information" to "it is your fault for not knowing what size sim card your phone takes." Each time I had to help the service rep navigate through their own website to show them exactly where I got the information from. They all agrees this was not the correct information. I still can't get over the fact one of them actually accused me, the consumer, at being at fault for ordering the size they recommended.

I could go on for days about my daily call in to the tech support number. At one point, and knowing it took quite a while to actually speak with someone, I decided to contact support while I made my 2.5 hour trip to Sacramento. It was exactly 1 hour and 22 minutes before someone answered the phone. I knew it was futile to argue, what did I have to gain? They have my money and are now holding my phone numbers ransom. I'm certainly at their mercy in the hopes my phones will be fixed. The average wait time I have spent is about 40 minutes listening to elevator music waiting for a rep to answer the phone.

I was told by several reps that even though they provided bad information I would have to pay for a new sim. Not pleased but still at their mercy I said I would just like to have my phone working again. They told me someone would call from another department to get my card information. This call has never came. I've been told several times from different reps that the "back end" department was closed when I called but, they would call me back the following day to follow up with my problem. Each one saying they were not like the rep before...

I've been given so much different information that I'm confused as to what I can or should do next. I keep requesting a new card and keep getting told someone will call me. I'm hoping there is at least one honest employee who works for this company who has the slightest bit of integrity...

Been on hold today while I write this for about 30 minutes now. I told myself before I started that I would write a review in at least 10 blogs/complaint sites for every one minute I'm on hold. It sure is a waist of my time but if I can help someone avoid the pitfalls of what I have done it will be worth the effort.

So, I have been called a liar, been lied to, have had no service for over two weeks (by the way, they will tell you it takes T-mobile customers about 14 days to port the number) been on hold for over an hour multiple times. I called once a day for 10 days straight just to find an honest employee. Unfortunately, this is not a required characteristic for this company.

If nothing else, please avoid this company at all costs. They are thieves and liars. They cannot produce anything they commit to. At least not for me they haven't.

By the time I was writing this, and while I was waiting on hold, the phone stopped working after about 40 minutes. Having to call back one more time.... So much better things to do with my time.

I haven't been able to capture everything I experienced in this review... Please, please, please avoid this company and all its products.

To NettalkConnect: Please don't patronize me with a response. I have attempted more the 30 times to correct your problems. No amount of sorry's can repair what has been done. I just hope you go out of business. That would be thanks enough.....

I don't mean any offense to those who are current subscribers of NettalkConnect. Just beyond me how they got anything right, assuming they did.

End result so far: two phones that do not work while the clock on my nettalkconnect phone service continues to click down to expiration.....

This reviewer shared experience about "more than one category to select." and wants this business to "full refund and release my phone numbers so i can have my original numbers back" as the author lost $220. mdcoley5 is overall dissatisfied with Nettalk and uploaded picture s. The most disappointing about nettalk service transfer at Nettalk was worst customer service i have ever experienced, lousy phone support and disrespect for customers , but reviewer liked thought of low cost cell service. Reviewer wants customer support to reach our to him or her ASAP for further discussion of this matter.

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