Do not buy international unlimited calling plan from Nettalk . They started putting hard limit of 600 min per month .. They have Worst customer service in the world . I tried calling them more than 10-15 times and was on hold for more than 45-60 minutes and call got dropped everytome . Their customer service number does not go through .. No response whatsoever. You need to be insane to use Nettalk service .I have all the call logs and complain tickets without any response . Nettalk is a fraud company . Please stay away from them . Voice quality sucks and terrible . Someone need to investigate and report these crook from stealing money from innocent people.

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Monetary Loss: $1000.

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NetTALK is scamming people via having you buy a "Free Unlimited calls in the USA & Canada", yet their website after a while reads calls within the US as to India! (Making me wonder if that is really their base & not Florida?)

To file a complaint with the authorities, contact the AG in your state & Florida, The FTC (Federal Trade Commission) & the FCC.

Any attorney filing a class action please put in Google search engine!

I contacted this "Khambrel netTALK Support" who posted below with no response! yet more hours of time & thus money wasted!

Another person I know contacted them on Twitter, yet their Twitter rep then asked her to login to Facebook! So they already have 2 other companies with my info, now those who have issues contacting them with problems, then this "Khambrel netTALK Support" person below, the Facebook & now they want people to sign up for Facebook & want that information as well???

And they are likely based in India & will likely get any & all information they can get, including another phone number that I see in their agreement they now "require"???

Why in the HE** would I sign up for a phone service that REQUIRES you to have another phone service?

In addition, she said she was "unable to call Medicare or Social Security" via their phone service! Could that be because they ARE in INDIA??? After filing 3 "tickets with them (3rd one asked for more details & went you yet another company from which their email generated bounced, thus apparently they are no longer paying other contract companies to handle their Help Desk or tech support!), I'm not able to login to the FAQ part of the site to track where they are at handling my ticket & the calls to India mysteriously disappeared!

(I have images of the so-called calls to "India" that clearly show these are US calls!) If they were a legitimate company, they wouldn't be erasing their mistakes on their web site & instead would be spending that time & energy fixing the problem! Guessing they may not be around much longer at any rate & their little phone boxes will become e-waste to fill more recycle centers & sadly landfills! They should be held responsible for the e-waste they are creating that many people throw in the trash, yet should go to a recycling center so as not to contaminate our water! Additionally, when I signed up, their web site says free service within the US and Canada at "normal household usage" deemed normal by usage of other users.

IF that is the issue, then WHY are there SO many complaints online? I am the ONLY person who uses this phone and only for personal use! Total loser customer service! No outgoing service for 8 days & counting, all within USA.

I have a dial tone, yet when I call within the US (the ONLY calls I've made, I dial, then get a recorded message telling me I "Don't have enough credits! Add credits & SAME ISSUE, AS "CREDITS ARE ONLY FOR INTERNATIONAL CALLS OUTSIDE THE US AND CANADA!) To file a complaint with the authorities, contact the AG in your state & Florida, The FTC (Federal Trade Commission) & the FCC. Sad, as it used to be an OK company. Not any more!

Save your money & use other services! These guys are ***. Nothing but bot responses, "Live Help" is a dead end & doesn't answer. Keeps you on hold for 45 minutes, then gives you a "New Ticket" & tells you they "don't use that old system anymore", which is nearly a year old AND apparently gives you information to other companies that will likely be sold, despite their site stating they do not give or sell your information to anyone!

Unfortunately, as soon as you ask for help, and with no warnings from their website, your information is given to a different company, different domain name! The search is on for a US owned, US run phone company!

Miami, Florida, United States #820678


I am part of the new Customer Service team here at netTALK, and I'm here to help any customers experiencing issues. If it is not too late, I would like to go ahead and get your issue resolved as soon as possible. If you would please send me an email at retailcs@nettalk.com, I can go ahead and assist you with your issue.


netTALK Support

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