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Since the first moth I had problem after problem

Issue # 1 I am still getting touch tone dialing sounds while talking on the phone with someone

Issue # 2 For days in a row when I try to dial out my calls are not able to be completed it just dead air space. This happens 12 to 15 days each month

Issue # 3 People are calling my phone it is NOT ringing and theyget a message saying THE NUMBER YOU ARE DIALING ISNOT IN SERVICE AND GIVE THEM A NUMBER AFTER THE MESSAGE LIKE A SERVICE CODE MESSAGE.This happens when issue 2 happensIssue # 4 Even when people call and they do not get the message they get a busy sound.This happens when issue 2 and 3 happens

Issue #5 If I call out and do not get dead air space I get a busy soundEven to a business which has multiple line. I can call them on my cell and it will ring. This happens when issues 2 though 4 happens

Issue #6 The company says they will call you back they don't

Issue # 7 Calling to Tech support goes to customer service and there a joke they can not help you and you on hold for an hour

Review about: Nettalk Phone Service.

Monetary Loss: $99.

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Norristown, Pennsylvania, United States #641611

Recently Nettalk has cheated to all its existing customers specifically who are calling to India. This company has suddenly added a minute cap of 600 minute/month for India calling. This is setup for existing customers also. I have already paid money for 6 months, still 4 months are left. 600 minutes for $10 is very very costly.

More over unable to talk to their customer service center I have tried two times for about an hour but could not talk after spending 2 hours. I have even opened an issue ticket and nobody is responding from last two days. this is ridiculous.

Looks like nettalk is champion in cheating customers after reading it here. be careful with nettalk.


My NetTalk DUO II had several Issues that I worked around until I could NOT get an Oklahoma ph#. They assigned me a TX ph# & then said my current Oklahoma ph# COULD NOT be ported to their service, so that all incoming callls would be long distance for friends/family trying to call.

NOT GOOD... :cry


Wow! 1 post. type in 'MagicJack' or 'Vonage' in the little search box above.

I called the NetTalk technical support twice a few weeks apart to test them to see if they really do answer. They were prompt. I asked a few '***' questions. They were very nice and I explained my reasons for calling them - having been a Magicjack'ed customer and dealing with all that.

You don't mention your setup. Are you using it via the router, or, usb? There is a small tweek that may need to be done depending on your setup. Like any net based voip, it's all dependant on your hardware.


SAME HERE!!! And on top of all that, our Fax doesn't work either!

Clearly, they stated on the box ..."Fax Friendly." Well, they arent. And I agree with customer service complaint. The WORST customer service we have EVER experienced. An ABSOLUTE joke.

They don't know anymore than we do. We just got the run-around.

Was on hold 45 minutes as number 54 in line for the next rep, then when we got the rep, the rep said, "I'm transferring you to another department." Yeah, he transferred us to the back of ANOTHER WAITING ON HOLD LINE, number 58!!!! Terrible!!!

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