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Worst VOIP company possible. I dont even think they have real tech support.

they have literally ignored me for months and all of their "do it yourself" tech help is useless. if i was able to make a phone call it was so choppy that i often just gave up. I left magic jack to use net talk because i thought it would be cheaper! Magic Jack is the better company and has the better service, support, setup, etc.

If you are in the market for affordable Voice over Internet Protocol the best route to take is Magic Jack! i plugged in my MJ and was making phone calls with great clarity and no problems in less than a couple minutes.

Review about: Nettalk Phone Service.

Monetary Loss: $50.

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New London, Missouri, United States #1341639

Phone numbers below are no longer in service.

Nettalk Verified Representative

Hello freevageeter,

We completely agree with you in your post. The fact is that we have grown and unfortunately outgrew our support team much too quickly.

We truly do apologize for the very poor customer service that you received from us, and We assure you, we are doing everything we can to better our customer service experience. We have made many improvements, including increasing our support team and the hours that they work. We have a 24 hour support team now. Also we now have phone support, so you can give us a call to get any issue you have resolved by phone.

Just give us a call for U.S. Support 2106069700 and for Canadian Support 6474934529.

We hope you will provide us with another chance in the future to offer you phone service. Have a HAPPY AND PRODUCTIVE day and year.


net talk is junk


net talk is pure garbage please dont take this down let everyone see them for who they are. Magicjack is garbage to let them lose a few custumers and maybe they will start treating there old custumers with respect i would never use them again


Nettalk's customer service is indeed terrible, but the service usually works well and is very very cheap. You should make sure your router's firmware is upgraded.

Know that they don't give refunds. If problems occur, they will be slow to respond. Best to have a backup cellphone service if you can't bear ever to be disconnected.

But hey, unlimited US calls for $29.95/yr + tax. Works well 99% of the time and it's a good deal for me!

Denver, Colorado, United States #792339

PS, I've been using the Obi VOIP for over 2 years and it works flawlessly.

Denver, Colorado, United States #792335

They have a 100% no refund policy. So if you got billed a year in advance because you forgot about it (and there is no way to delete you credit card information from their system) then too bad, you are out of luck.

The only way to get them to undo it is to reverse the charges with the credit card company and everyone knows how hard that is.

I bought their device a year ago and never could get it to work. There was no support after using their "ticket" system time and time again. The tickets go into the trash bin.

Don't expect them to ever reply. They should be investigated by the FTC and shut down.

Montreal, Quebec, Canada #688224

I had a surprise on my bill!!! In late May they have multiplied by 10 international rate to Switzerland WITHOUT NOTICE. It costs now 10$ per hour!


Just like you I am completely frustrated with their service. They had an outage in the last week of Mar 13 to first or early second week of Apr 13.

I had to buy calling cards to call India. Now they are putting a limit of 600 mins. This is ridiculous. This is cheating, scam.

Now that I signed up for one year I have to stick with them?? This is absolute scam :sigh :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry

to David #673852

well i sold my net talk on ebay for 20 bucks to get some cash back so i could buy a magic jack. i would like to stress that from the time i bought it and plugged it in i HAVE NOT HAD ONE SINGLE PROBLEM AT ALL with magic jack.

i know that could just be situation but many people i have spoken with admit the same thing. plus the 20 bucks a year isn't bat at all especially there is not limit on minutes.

i don't make any over seas calls so i really cant comment there. sorry to hear you had a similarly unsatisfactory experience.


I was using nettalk for more than a year

just renewed 2 lines and got 2 mores

using it both in US and CAnada (I have 4 lines now)

Great service, worth every penny

save me a lot of money and online voicemail is awsome.

Yes some time the quality goes down but from my experience as heavy user that's happened a very very few times, and comparing

to the cost it's very acceptable.


Miami, Florida, United States #607329


We have taken your comment and frustration into account and have stepped up to improve our customer service. The feedback is encouraged as well as appreciated.

We would appreciate your gesture in removing this post. Thank you.

We will take this with great consideration in setting goals that will help improve the satisfaction of our future costumers.

Thank you


its way too late now. ill remove this but its just a shame that this is the only way i could get anyone to help me.

Miami, Florida, United States #586888


We at netTALK apologize for any discomfort we may have caused. I can assure you that our support team is working around the clock, assisting our customer basis at a manageable and humane pace.

We wish to assist you on your case. Send an email over to with subject "Pissed Consumer" and we will have someone dedicated to assisting you, and only you, on your case.

Again we extend our apologies in hopes that we can help mend your current experience with netTALK.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you and Have a great day

to netTALK Chatham, Ontario, Canada #694050

I tried to get help using their repair ticket, but you need another phone number to use it.(I only have my nettalk phone number.)

There are no other e-mail addresses to contact anyone, on their site. (Red flags are going up in my mind.)

There is no place to delete the account, unless you send in a ticket, in which you need ......yep you guessed it...another phone number.

So, if you signed up for are on your own....with no support. (Unless you got another phone number.)

Anyone know how to delete my Nettalk account?

to unhappy Nettalk user Stamford, Connecticut, United States #791235

I hate nettalk

to kamal Bedford, Nova Scotia, Canada #934746

I have tried MANY times over the last few days to get support. Impossible.

Returned device to NEstbuy, got a full refund from them and turned off auto renew on my account. Now, how to delete the account altogether is the next question.

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