NetTALK looked like a spectacular deal, on the T-Mobile network for half the price of T-Mobile directly. I used the service for 1 year, here is what I learned: No Customer Service, No International Roaming, Delays Porting Out 1. When outside the USA, making calls using...
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WARNING to NetTALK customers who are leaving, and attempting to port out their number: It took me over a WEEK to pry my number loose from them. Pro Tip - Ask them directly f...

I hope this helps someone not go thru what my family went thru, (drop call, long dial tone noise-drops, buzzing, Asian callers "no joke", expired service every 2 weeks after) They steal period point blank. I attempted to pay the annual renewal fee which was not a...
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I liked
  • Like being stuck in north korea
I didn't like
  • Constant lying
This has been an extremely frustrating and maddening experience. Tech support only works through chat - but no one replies and when they do, they act like they're starting from scratch and never resolve issue. My issues are no replies, ignore messages asking for help,...
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I have exhausted every tip on help files, to no avail. No way to reach service. And they misleadingly make it look like there is one. The phone number directs you to the help page. The help page has some tips (that in my case didn't work) and says you can contact an...
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Have had this issue for several months. They have no phone number to call just email. First they past the buck to other departments then they stop even emailing altogether. I paid for the phone and 3 mos. of service and I can't even find out if my number can be ported...
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I didn't like
  • Worst customer service i have ever experienced

Nettalk - Can't use the cell service I paid for

Phone will not work on the sim card I bought from them. They will not even contact me despite muti emails I have sent.
Advertised vs Delivered
Billing Practices
Coverage Area
Customer service
Discounts and Special Offers
Diversity of Products or Services
Exchange, Refund and Cancellation Policy
Price Affordability
Product or Service Quality
Value for money
I didn't like
  • Lack of customer support
  • No customer service did not fix problem

Nettalk - Worst co.. Ever

They are the worst to contact, but the contact you when it's renewal.. They overcharged me and want to get the money back but no one response.. 0 stars for this company, I should of checked better business bureau before even thinking of this co.. Karma will come back to you
My DUO which worked for 3 year suddenly went south. There is no direct or even indirect support with this company. So I gave up but, three months after writing emails and tickets I get a renewal notice. So they certainly are aware when it comes time to collect money...
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My renewal is coming due and I wanted to port my number to another that I have on a land line. After I sign in "it says I ain't got no devices". Under the WiFi section (connect) it says I have a device and a phone number that Nettalk gave me but will not accept my MAC...
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I liked
  • Low cost voip
I didn't like
  • Lousy phone support
I was a customer for many years. This year, when I tried to renew using my credit card (the exact one I have used for the last few years), a customer service person said the fault was with my credit card and said I could only renew using PayPal, which I do not have nor...
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